"What's He Building in There?"
curated Jesper Elg & Mikkel Grønnebæk (V1 Gallery)

Exhibition: March 4th through March 12th, 2011

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“WHAT’S HE BUILDING IN THERE?” takes its title from Tom Waits song of the same name. The lyrics of
the song circle the fear of the unknown, the mistrust of behavior we can’t understand and how suspicion leads to
generalization.  It is also a strange hymn to the man, hammering away in his shed, not taking time to greet his nosy
neighbor because he is on a mission to create. A parable to the situation of the artist, working in the studio, creating
things that might not please the general public.  Both the song and the exhibition is an ode to the darker side of curiosity.
What are they building in there? - Let us fulfill their worst fearful suspicions.

Participating artists:
John Copeland, Jacob Holdt, Dash Snow, Asger Carlsen, Hanna Liden, Matthew Stone, Jesper Just, Wes Lang,
Jonathan Meese, Troels Carlsen, Julie Nord, Jakob Boeskov, Peter Funch, Kasper Sonne, Andrew Sendor,
Anika Lori, Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, Harmony Korine, Michael Kvium, Shane Bradford,
Hesselholdt and Mejlvang, Adam Helms & Todd James

V1 Gallery was founded in 2002 by Jesper Elg and Peter Funch. In 2004 Mikkel Grønnebæk joined the gallery.
The gallery represents a select group of emerging and established artists and is committed to introducing art with
something at heart to an international audience. Seeing art as a profound and competent media for social and political
engagement, the gallery has a desire to challenge both the viewers, the norms and itself and aspires to create a space
with no limitations other than quality and nerve. The artists represented by V1 gallery work in a variety of media.
V1 has shown at art fairs through out the world. In 2010 V1 Gallery received the FEAGA prize (Federation of European
Art Galleries Association) at ARTBASEL 41 for Outstanding Creativity and Innovation.

“What’s He Building in There,” Curated by Jesper Elg & Mikkel Grønnebæk (V1 Gallery) runs March 4 through
March 12, 2011 (During the Armory Week), at Fuse Gallery, 93 2nd Ave (between 5th & 6th Sts, 2nd Ave stop on the F),
NYC, NY. The opening reception, on Friday March 4th, from 7 to 10 pm, is free and open to the public. For more
information, contact Fuse Gallery at 212.777.7988 or fusegall@fusegallerynyc.com.