Group Show curated by Michelle Doll and Lisa Lebofsky
Exhibition: June 23 through July 3, 2010
Opening Reception: Wednesday June 23rd, 7 to 10 pm

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Serenity is found in the wake of destruction, gradual disintegration, natural decay and residual experience.
Through the traces left behind, stories are told and secrets are discovered. They are a reminder of mortality, and
yet suggest a life after death. Remnants is an exhibition presenting this aftermath through artistic technique and
as subject matter.

Participating Artists:
Katelyn Alain, Melissa Anderson, Carrie-Ann Bracco, Charis Carmichael Braun, Dina Brodsky, Maya Brodsky,
Daniel Brusky, Lyndsea Cochrane, Tim Daly, Bonnie DeWitt, Michelle Doll, Peter Drake, Samuel Evensen,
Debra Goertz, Kathy Goodell, Jane Hamill, Jim Harris, Paul Hazelton, Catherine Howe, Caitlin Hurd, John Jacobsmeyer,
Alan Bur Johnson, Christian Johnson, Michael Kagan, Alex Kanevsky, Karl Koett, Bryan Leboeuf, Lisa Lebofsky,
Amy Mahnick, Alyssa Monks, Cory Morgenstein, Tun Myaing, John Nickle, Linnea Paskow, Rafael Perez,
Jennifer Presant, Jean Pierre Roy, Kristen Schiele, Charlotte Schulz, Julia Schwadron, Viviane Silvera, Damian Stamer,
Melanie Vote, Mitra Walter, and Eric White

About the curators:
Michelle Doll received her BFA from Kent State University and her MFA from the New York Academy of Art.
Her artwork has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the United
States and internationally. She has received several awards including residencies in St. Barths and Normandy
and has taught art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Michelle lives and works in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Lisa Lebofsky is a painter residing in Bronx, New York. She has an MFA in painting from the New York
Academy of Art and BFA in metals from SUNY New Paltz. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows
both nationally and internationally. She teaches fine art and design classes at private and public institutions in the
tristate area and is the director of Fuse Gallery.  Among several awards and residencies, she is the recent recipient
of the BRIO (Bronx Recognizes Its Own) grant and Terra Nova National Park Residency in Newfoundland, Canada.

“Remnants,” group show curated by Michelle Doll and Lisa Lebofsky runs June 23 through July 3, 2010, at
Fuse Gallery, 93 2nd Ave (between 5th & 6th Sts, 2nd Ave stop on the F), NYC, NY. The opening reception, on
Wednesday June 23rd, from 7 to 10 pm, is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Fuse
Gallery at 212.777.7988 or fusegall@fusegallerynyc.com.